BC Child Care Workforce Survey

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation are seeking your help with a new survey of the BC child care workforce.

They are looking forward to getting valuable feedback on how the BC government’s Early Care and Learning Recruitment and Retention Strategy has impacted you and those who work with you.

They ask you to do two things:

  1. Please forward this message to all staff at Chinook UBC Child Care Services including anyone who is an owner operator, supervisor, administrator (who can report about staffing, wages, and benefits) and anyone who works directly with the children. You can also download and hang up this poster.
  2. Please complete the survey. If you are responsible for different workplaces please complete the survey for each one to provide information specific to each workplace.

Start the survey:

Click on the link below to share your thoughts and help inform the future of child care in BC.

The survey will take approximately 20-35 minutes. You can also request to do the survey by phone by calling 1-833-298-3016.

Start the survey: https://na1se.voxco.com/SE/99/bcchildcaresurvey?st=&URLIMPORT=1&QUESTLIST=UNIQUEID&UNIQUEID=Chinook%20UBC%20Child%20Care%20Services

As a thank you:

In appreciation for your time, every person completing the survey will receive a choice of thank you gift developed by ECEBC – colourful posters to download promoting early childhood education or an online professional development opportunity.

Everyone completing the survey will also have the chance to win a $50 Wintergreen Learning Materials gift card or a $500 gift card from select retailers.

About the survey:

Information collected through this survey is private and confidential. We will never sell your email address or try to sell you anything. Your email address will only be shared if you give permission within the survey, and only for the purposes for which you give us permission. You and your workplace will not be identifiable in any reports. The survey will be repeated each year until October 2021 to measure changes over time. More information is available at ecebc.ca/2019Survey. You can also contact us at bcchildcaresurvey@srdc.org or 1-833-298-3016.

Who is organizing the survey?

The survey is funded as a Sector Labour Market Partnerships project. The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training has funded Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC)  to lead the project. ECEBC has selected the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) to produce and deliver the survey. SRDC a non-profit research organization and has developed the survey in collaboration with sector representatives.

You can read the press release announcing the project here.

With appreciation:

It is vital that we reach as many people as possible and we appreciate your help in both filling out the survey and sharing it with colleagues. We apologize to anyone who receives this information more than once.